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Past workshops & classes

On-Farm Agroforestry

Agroforestry is the intentional combination of any type of trees with any other form of agriculture. It has countless benefits, both environmental, social and economic. Agroforestry systems can sequester 2.8 tons of carbon per acre annually (according to Project Drawdown). Join us for a workshop on the design and implementation of farm-scale agroforestry systems. We will discuss various projects, look at options for your own farms or sites, and present our farm’s hazelnut alley-cropping and silvopasture systems as an example and model to build from. 

Soil Restoration Techniques

We will be discussing and practicing techniques and principles that will help improve overall soil health which leads to many benefits. These include creating nutrient rich soil that grows healthier and more disease resistant plants, improving the soil carbon sponge to sequester carbon in real time, and increasing moisture retention to reduce your water usage.

Techniques we will go over include:

  • Composting at the Farm or Home
  • Soil Remediation with Plants, Fungi and Compost
  • Using Cover Crops and Silage Tarps for Bed Prep (Occultation)
  • Sheet Mulching
  • Farming with Wood Chips

Food Forest Design and Installation

  • Learn the Fundamentals of Food Forest Design
  • Gain Hands On Experience Installing a Food Forest
  • Get Help With Specifics of Your Own Food Forest Projects
  • Learn Techniques for Both Small and Large Scale Designs and Installations
  • Discuss Regional Resilience and the Most Applicable Plants and Approach for Your Site

Farming and Justice in Times of Climate Crisis 

(At a local high school’s Climate Action Week) 

Farming and land stewardship is directly related to both human and global health. The practices and systems used in farming can either perpetuate inequity and destruction (as they currently do) or offer a path to resilience, self-determination, and justice.

Actionable elements: 

  • knowledge about simple land based opportunities for climate change mitigation
  • practical carbon sequestration and remediation practices involving increasing soil organic matter
  • importance of cooperative/collective action
  • local organizations and connections to make

Managed Rotational Grazing (With Hogs!)

  • Learn the basics of managed rotational grazing and its benefits to animals and soil health
  • Gain hands on experience rotating livestock using mobile electric fencing & solar chargers
  • Discuss the specifics and intricacies of both the on-farm, logistical and administrative aspects of a small scale pastured pork business
  • Learn firsthand pasture restoration techniques including reed canary grass management 
  • See a silvopastoral agroforestry system in real life and learn its many benefits
  • Get resources and tips on equipment, sourcing, care and management
  • Define the multitude of terms and practices in this growing field, including mob stocking, holistic management, pasture cropping and regenerative agriculture

Hog Slaughter & Butchery Workshop

Darron Marzolf of Falling River Meats will provide a complete instruction on nose-to-tail on-farm slaughter and cleaning at Regeneration Farm in Woodinville followed by a whole hog breakdown and butchering class the same day at his butcher shop. We will showcase how to humanely harvest our pigs and will provide hands-on training in the methods of outdoor scalding, scraping, dressing and chilling of the carcass. We will then drive to the butcher shop and break down the entire pig into each cut one by one. We will demonstrate smoking and sausage making and look at curing techniques as well as discuss how to use every part of the animal and pay it the respect that living beings and healthy humanely-raised food deserve. Regeneration Farm raises happy, healthy and delicious pasture raised pork. Our hogs are crosses of the heritage breeds Hereford, Gloucestershire Old Spot, Tamworth and Berkshire. They are raised in a rotational grazing system where they are moved to new pastures dozens of times throughout the growing season and are cared for daily as fellow beings that we respect and appreciate.