Shop Our Nursery

Welcome to our nursery! Here you can shop our diverse selection of edible, medicinal and useful plants. Many of these plants we also grow ourselves for the fruits or products they produce. The plants that are available here all have some special characteristic or reason we offer them. Either they are the best varieties available to grow in the Pacific Northwest (or the Puget Sound region specifically), or they are exceptionally disease resistant, or maybe we have them because they tantalize our interest with their unexpected flavors, appearance, growth or usefulness. A lot are simply just delicious!

For many of these plants, we have spent countless hours researching and comparing them to other varieties available, most of which we have grown ourselves, either currently or in the past. We are plant geeks, through and through, and we hope you enjoy looking around at what we have to offer.

Our nursery plants are grown in living soil, amended with compost that we make ourselves. Our potting soils include biochar and fungal mycorrhizae so when you plant your fruit tree, berry bush, or veggie start you are inoculating your site with fertility that will benefit the surrounding area, hopefully for years to come. Happy planting!