Citrus, Yuzu Ichandrin


Citrus junos

The Yuzu Ichandrin Citrus is one of the hardiest citrus we can find. It will survive temperatures between 0°F-5°F once established. Yuzu are an incredibly citrus, with a sublimely alluring flavor between lemon and lime and a bumpy rough skin. A New Yorker article from 2020 (linked below) states that among chefs in New York City there is a black market for smuggled Yuzu – there just isn’t enough available for those who covet its flavor in their high end dishes. We just love that you can grow delicious citrus like this in the Pacific Northwest. Give it a good spot with plenty of sun and good drainage. It will get to about 6′ tall once fully mature. Yuzu, like most citrus, are very thorny. Best planted in the late spring once the weather warms, be gentle with the roots. Fertilize multiple times per year.

USDA Zone: 7

Pollination: Self-fertile

Time to productivity: about 2 years depending on conditions.

Ripening time: Late fall or winter.





The Yuzu Ichandrin Hardy Citrus Tree is prized in Japan for flavoring, juice and preserves. This hardy variety bears abundant, easy-to-peel, 3 inch diameter fruit with tasty, lemon-lime flavor. Yuzu Ichandrin is reportedly hardy to 0°F.