Apple, Pristine


Malus domestica

Pristine apple trees produce some of the best tasting early season apples. They have good disease resistance, yellow/green fruit and excellent, somewhat tart flavor. Also good for baking and making applesauce, this apple was developed out of the famed PRI disease-resistant apple breeding program, whose releases typically have the letters “pri” in their name to denote Purdue, Rutgers, and the University of Illinois which make up the program. Good resistance to apple scab and cedar apple rust, moderate resistant to powdery mildew and fireblight. Pristine is an early ripener.

USDA Zone: 4-9

Pollination: Needs a different apple as a pollinator to produce fruit.

Time to productivity: 2-3 years depending on conditions.

Ripening time: August.

Storage length: Up to a month.




Pristine apple trees are very healthy, highly resistant to apple scab and cedar apple rust and somewhat resistant to powdery mildew and fireblight. This new PRI selection ripens in August, producing large crops of beautiful yellow apples that are crisp and tasty. They are mildly tart and excellent for fresh eating, baking or in applesauce. USDA Zone: 4-9