Hazelnut, Polly O


Corylus avellana

The newest of the 3 latest varieties from Oregon State University’s disease resistant hazelnut breeding program. These three releases – McDonald, Wepster and Polly O – all have cross-compatible pollen, significantly reducing the complication of growing hazelnuts (filberts) both at a commercial and home scale. Polly O produces excellent quality nuts and is extremely productive and vigorous. Highly blight-resistant, a critical feature in the Pacific Northwest where Eastern Filbert Blight devastates trees without disease resistance. Can be grown as a large bush or tree depending on pruning.

USDA Zone: 5-8

Pollination: Plant with both McDonald and Wepster to produce a crop.

Time to productivity: 2-3 years depending on conditions.

Ripening time: August-September

Size: Can grow to 15′ or be kept smaller as a bush.




The newest disease resistant release from OSU allows growers to plant in a trio of filbert varieties (Polly O, Wepster and McDonald) that will cross-pollinate and produce high yields of nuts that are perfect for shelling, for fresh eating, adding to baked goods, or surrounding with chocolate. In fact, any early-blooming filbert (excepting the incompatible Felix and Hall's Giant) will provide successful pollination. Polly O trees are the most vigorous and productive of the three varieties, so give them a bit more elbow room. Named for Polly Owen, a long-time Oregon hazelnut Industry official.

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