Cherry, Compact Stella


Prunus avium

Black, juicy, delicious cherries, Compact Stella will stay about 10′ tall. It is self-fertile and perfect for a small backyard. Bears early and is moderately resistant to bacterial canker.

USDA Zone: 5-8

Pollination: Self-fertile. However productivity will always increase when a second variety is present.

Time to productivity: 1-2 years depending on conditions.

Ripening time: July

Pests: Keep cherries pruned low and cover them with bird netting to enjoy a pristine and easy harvest.




Compact Stella Cherry is a unique, self-fertile Cherry that should grow to only about 10-12 ft. in height. Compact Stella begins bearing within a year or two after planting and bears large, tasty, almost black fruit. Zones 5-8