Pear, Comice


Pyrus communis

Comice is the pinnacle of European pears. Its excellent texture is almost buttery, melting away as you bite into the sweet and juicy fruit. It has the best flavor after about 1 to 1-1/2 months in cold storage and one week of room temperature ripening. Pick when still firm. Simply delicious. Fireblight resistant.

USDA Zone: 5-9

Pollination: Needs a different European Pear with a matching bloom time as a pollinator to produce fruit. Bosc, Comice and Orcas all pollinate one another.

Time to productivity: 2-3 years depending on conditions.

Ripening time: Early October

Storage length: Up to 2 months.


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A large yellow pear with sweet, juicy, melting flesh. Its texture is world renownd; it provides the texture standard by which to measure all other European pears! Harvest early October while mature, but before it softens. Tastes best after storing for 40-45 days in cold storage and then left to ripen for about a week at room temperature. Fireblight resistant. Needs pollenizer. USDA Zone: 5-9

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