Pear, Bosc


Pyrus communis

An heirloom pear originating in France and Belgium in the 1800s. Its firm texture and delicious sweet flavor make it a favorite of many. Performs great in the Pacific Northwest. Flavor will increase in storage which, unlike many pears, can be up to 6 months. Great for fresh eating, cooking, drying – you name it! Productive.

USDA Zone: 5-9

Pollination: Needs a different European Pear with a matching bloom time as a pollinator to produce fruit. Bosc, Comice and Orcas all pollinate one another.

Time to productivity: 2-3 years depending on conditions.

Ripening time: September

Storage length: Up to 6 months.


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A firm-fleshed, flavorful pear with a beautiful brownish russetted skin and a crunchy texture. Some prefer it to the smooth texture of Comice. Very sweet and juicy when fully ripe. Excellent for baking! Outstanding in the Pacific Northwest. Tastes best after storing a month or two.

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