Elevate Your Garden Now with the Best Fruit Trees from Regeneration Farm

Are you looking to enhance your garden with high-quality fruit trees? Look no further than Regeneration Farm. Our Seattle nursery is your go-to source for diverse and resilient fruit trees perfect for the Pacific Northwest climate. We are a excellent source for a wide variety of fruit trees, bushes, vines, and more, grown using sustainable practices to ensure both environmental and community health.

Why Choose Regeneration Farm for Your Fruit Trees?

Diverse Selection: At Regeneration Farm, we offer an extensive range of fruit trees that are proven to thrive in the Northwest. Check out popular varieties of apple, pear, cherry, peach and plum trees. Our nursery also features less well known options that still produce great fruit like the pineapple guava, kiwi berry and goumi, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your garden.

Sustainable Practices: Our commitment to sustainability is a central part of our growing methods. We utilize living soil enriched with compost, biochar, and fungal mycorrhizae, which not only benefits the fruit trees but also improves the fertility of your garden soil. We follow no-till farming, never use pesticides, and always cover crop and mulch our fields to maintain soil health​.

Local Expertise: As a local farm deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest, we understand the unique conditions and challenges of this region. Our plants are selected for their ability to withstand local pests, diseases, and climate variations, making them more robust and productive in your garden. We offer in our nursery the best varieties for each type of plant we sell. We select through extensive research and experience what will thrive best in the Puget Sound’s changing conditions.

Explore Our Variety of Fruit Trees

Apple Trees: Washington’s famous apples are a staple in our nursery – Cosmic Crisp and Honeycrisp anyone? We offer disease resistant varieties that are well-suited to the local climate, and a number of superb rare species, providing crisp and delicious apples year after year.

Pear Trees: From Asian to European pears, our selection includes trees that produce sweet and juicy fruits ideal for fresh eating, canning, or baking.

Cherry Trees: Enjoy the delightful taste of homegrown cherries with our hardy and productive cherry trees, selected for flavor and disease resistance in the Northwest’s growing conditions.

Citrus Trees: While citrus might seem unconventional for the region, we have varieties that are specially chosen for their adaptability and resilience. Get a unique addition to your garden or home. Yuzu is a top choice!

Fig and Mulberry Trees: These tasty fruit trees are not only beautiful but also provide bountiful harvests of flavorful fruits that can be enjoyed fresh or dried.

More Than Just Trees

In addition to our fruit trees, Regeneration Farm offers a wide range of fruiting bushes, vines, and ground covers. Whether you’re looking for blueberry bushes, grape vines, or strawberry plants, we have something for every garden.

Visit Us or Shop Online

You can reach out to schedule a time to visit the nursery in person or, for your convenience, we also offer online shopping. With options for Woodinville farm pick-up or office pick-up in Seattle we have easy choices to buy plants throughout the region.

Join Our Community

At Regeneration Farm it is our goal to grow and cultivate a community. Drop us a line to get on our mailing list and hear about upcoming workshops and tours, or consult with us for expert advice on your farm, landscape or gardening projects.

Transform your garden into a thriving, productive space with the help of Regeneration Farm. Visit RegenerationFarmNW.com to explore our full range of plants and learn more about our commitment to sustainability, community health and growing resilience in the Pacific Northwest.