We consult and work on projects of all sizes and budgets. If you are interested in talking with us please fill out the consultation inquiry form on this page and we will reach out to you for an initial chat.

Our services include:


  • Planning of agroforestry systems on existing or new farms
  • Agroforestry management techniques
  • Agroforestry in existing forests
  • Food forest design
  • Installation best practices
  • Silvopasture systems
  • Alleycropping systems
  • Syntropic agroforestry

Regenerative Agriculture

  • Farm resiliency planning
  • Carbon sequestration best practices
  • No-till farming techniques
  • Dry farming (no-irrigation) 
  • ​Water and fertility management 
  • Managed rotational grazing  (intensive, mob grazing, holistic management, etc)

Landscape Regeneration

  • Weed and “invasive” species management techniques
  • Clearcut restoration
  • Toxic site and contamination mitigation


  • Farming history and our current context
  • Economics of farming
  • The climate crisis and agriculture
  • What sustainability looks like today
  • Speaking events
  • Classes for youth, children, university and school groups
  • Field trips and farm visits

Property Assessment

  • Property search
  • Pre-purchase site visits
  • Goal oriented site recommendations

Planning and Design

  • Water management (rain gardens, cisterns, swales, stormwater management)
  • Polycultures
  • Orchards
  • Species recommendations for your specific site
  • Best fruit, berry, and nut crops for the Pacific Northwest