About Our Farm

At Regeneration Farm we steward leased, unceded Sammamish Land. We manage a functioning wetland agroforestry education farm. We provide our communities with a healthy source of local food, plants and knowledge. We partner with food access programs to make the food we grow accessible beyond those who can afford organic prices. We sell to restaurants who value the earth and treat both food and people with respect. We process our crops and animals into value added products and sell directly to the community we are part of. We constantly strive to run our farm on the triple bottom line of economic, environmental and social sustainability – as challenging as that can be. To do this we use a diversified approach including food production, educational workshops and events, off-farm consulting, and sales of regenerative, medicinal and edible plants. This is set within the context of stewarding our land to provide maximum environmental benefit (including carbon sequestration via topsoil creation and tree planting), ecosystem and community health and on-farm productivity.

Our Methods

We produce the highest quality, nutrient dense, healthy foods and plants. Regeneration Farm is committed to long term regeneration of degraded lands, ecosystems, soil, local economies and food systems. We are actively engaged in this process on our farm and on other lands throughout the Pacific Northwest. We run our farm with the most current sustainable agriculture best practices, practically all of which are taken directly from the knowledge and practices of indigenous peoples around the world. This information has been repackaged as many different methodologies, whether it be as permaculture, regenerative agriculture, holistic management, agroforestry or something else. It is time this appropriation is recognized. The experts in these fields are the indigenous, native, and aboriginal peoples across the world who have been practicing this traditional ecological knowledge for generations, not those who have recently taken a course or read a book. The clearest path towards global and regional regeneration is through returning land to indigenous stewardship and ownership where the techniques that have inspired the permaculture and regenerative agriculture movements can be practiced at the scale and with the cultural context needed for true regional transformation and climate change adaptation.

If you own land that you do not use, we encourage you to seek out who stewarded it prior to colonization and initiate a relationship to give that land back. As for the management techniques we use on our leased farm, we do not irrigate our crops at all, we practice no-till farming, always cover over barren soil, cover crop and mulch our fields, never spray pesticides, herbicides, or any chemical fertilizers or materials. We follow organic practices, we holistically rotate our animals for pasture rehabilitation and fertilization, keep bees, and plant a diversity of vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, trees and medicinal plants. We utilize multi-layer plantings of both annual and perennial crops together in agroforestry systems to increase our on-farm biodiversity, soil health, and our moisture and nutrient cycling. Through these systems we diversify what we produce, add resilience to our farm and livelihoods, extend our harvest seasons and create beneficial microclimates for our products to grow.

We believe this is the model that food production needs to follow in the next century to survive the climate crisis. We hope you will join us in this process of learning and stewarding towards regeneration!

What We Value

It is our mission to produce healthy food and plants while building a diverse farm and human ecosystem and educating about landscape and community regeneration, learning and living a culture of sustainability, and normalizing methods for carbon sequestration and resilience in the face of climate change.

We seek to create ecologically abundant, accessible and resilient models for land stewardship, to educate and advocate for food sovereignty and for the shifts necessary for viable and replicable responses to the environmental, social and economic crisis of our times.

At Regeneration Farm we place the utmost value in our family and community. We value our health, both human, environmental, and global. Self-determination and environmental justice drive what we do. Each of the following also plays a central role in how we operate and how we define our values: centering our humanity; building relationships; taking action; rooting in place; striving for balance; acting with love.

How to Help

If you want to support the important and challenging work we do, and you own land, please first look into donating some of your land back to indigenous ownership. To support us specifically, purchase some plants from us, schedule a consultation, share our website with your networks, or make a donation towards our work via venmo. You will find us on venmo @regenerationfarm