The future of farming is now.

At Regeneration Farm we understand that it is our responsibility to create a future that is environmentally & ecologically rich for our communities.

We produce healthy food and nursery plants in the Pacific Northwest while educating about regenerative agriculture, carbon sequestration and resilience in the face of climate change.

The Nursery at Regeneration Farm

Our Seattle and Woodinville Nursery hosts a diverse array of fruit trees, berries, uncommon edible and medicinal plants, tomatoes and more. We love to grow beautiful and multi-functional plants. We’re especially fond of delicious things that you may have never tasted – or didn’t even know could survive here in Washington State. Look around and see all the possibilities!

Consulting Services

We offer consultation services for everything from farm and orchard design, to forest restoration and stormwater management. Take a look at some of our previous projects and find out more about the areas in which we consult. We approach all our consulting from the perspective of working with nature and the natural systems we live in. Schedule an initial chat or submit a consultation inquiry today.

Visit & Learn

Education is central to everything we do. We host workshops on many aspects of land stewardship, agroforestry, soil restoration, ecological food production, rotational grazing and much more. Stay tuned for future offerings and browse through our excellent online resources to learn more about these practices.